How to Make Play Dough

Snowed in?  Too cold to play outside?  You’re going to need an indoor activity until the snow lets up and you can go sledding.  Why not make some homemade Play Dough? play Ingredients:4 Cups of flour 1.5 Cups of salt 1 Cup of water 0.5 Cups of cooking oil food coloring (optional) glitter (optional)  To Prepare:1. Place flour and salt into large bowl. Mix. … Read more

How to Prevent Summer Slide

How to prevent summer slide

Hopefully, by now, the kids have had some time to relax and recover from the hectic school year schedule. (And I hope that you, the parent, have as well!) But it’s time to face reality, and the reality is that summer slide is real. According to the Johns Hopkins School of Education, if your children … Read more