Snowed in? 

Too cold to play outside? 

You’re going to need an indoor activity until the snow lets up and you can go sledding. 

Why not make some homemade Play Dough?



4 Cups of flour

1.5 Cups of salt

1 Cup of water

0.5 Cups of cooking oil

food coloring (optional)

glitter (optional)


To Prepare:

1. Place flour and salt into large bowl. Mix. Set aside.

2. Pour water and food coloring (optional) into small bowl.

3. Pour liquid ingredients into bowl with dry ingredients.

4. Add glitter if desired.

5. Pour in oil.

6. Mix to blend thoroughly.

7. Knead mixture until desired consistency is achieved.

Now you’re ready to play!

Not surprisingly, we’re preferential to snowflakes … you can probably guess what we’ll be making with our play dough  🙂

But you can make whatever you want:

  • Roll out snakes to form letters of the alphabet
  • Make Christmas tree ornaments with cookie cutters
  • Create a bunch of spring flowers

You’re only limited by your imagination.

Be sure to let us know how you use your play dough: @Snowflake_Story.