Jelly Bean Prayer

Easter is just around the corner … Are you ready? Create your own Jelly Bean Prayer – Download our free printable templates & teach your lil’ cutie the meaning of Easter

The Secret to Raising a Bilingual Child

There are so many benefits of being bilingual, if two languages can be spoken to a child, it makes sense to do so. But the thought of raising a bilingual child can be daunting … it’s a tremendous commitment! But it’s so worth the investment of your time and energy! Want to know a secret … Read more

Why Personalized Books Are Better

Why Personalized Books AreBetter Personalizedbooks have been around for decades. And who knows how long parents have beentucking their little ones into bed, spinning a tale featuring their lil’ cutie! There’sgood reason for this age-old practice: If you’ve ever made up a bedtime storyfor your child, grandchild, or favorite niece or nephew, you’ve seen how … Read more