Be a Better Parent

Jelly Bean Prayer
Snowflake Stories Award-winning, Bilingual Personalized Children's Books The Jelly Bean Prayer Easter is just around the corner ... Are you ready?  If[...]
The Secret to Raising a Bilingual Child
Thereare so many benefits of being bilingual, if two languages can be spoken to achild, it makes sense to do[...]
How to Help Your Child Get Ahead
As a parent, you want the best for your child. In fact, there's probably not much you wouldn't do, if[...]

Behind the Book

How to customize a personalized children’s book from Snowflake Stories
We're currently editing this page -- We'll post the updated version soon! :)Want us to let you know when it's[...]
The Story Behind the Story
In the summer of 2012, my parents came to New England to visit my children and me. During this visit,[...]
Why I write
“How did you start writing?” is one question I am often asked when introduced as an award-winning author of two[...]

Wanna Sound Smarter?

How to Proofread
Remember covfefe? That is exactly the kind of mistake that a quick round of proofreading can catch. No one is[...]
7 Top Writing Tips
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Among vs. Between
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