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The Jelly Bean Prayer

Easter is just around the corner ... Are you ready? 

If not, cheer up, buttercup!

With this fun and easy activity, you can teach your lil' cutie the meaning of Easter. If they love candy, they're sure to love making their very own Jelly Bean Prayer -- and they won't even realize they're getting a dose of religion! 🙂

I first learned of the Jelly Bean Prayer when my son brought home an art project from preschool. Two years later, my daughter made her own. They were so excited to have made something with jelly beans! These jelly bean-covered crosses were so darn cute, I made a template from their projects, and we made new ones each Easter for several years.

Now, I'd like to share the project with you!

To make your own ...

You'll need colored paper, white paper, a scissors, and glue (or double-sided tape). And if you'd like to hang your cross, you'll need a hole punch and ribbon. The poem can be typed up and printed out or written out by hand.

To start, cut out a cross (approximately 7 inches in length) out of construction paper. Next, cut out a slightly smaller cross on white paper. The smaller cross gets pasted on top of the larger cross; the poem is written onto the white cross. Then decorate with jelly beans. I like to cut out jelly bean shapes in the colors listed in the poem. Finally, if you'd like to hang your cross, use the hole punch and ribbon.

The poem goes like this:

Red is for the blood He gave. Green is for the grass He made. Yellow is for the sun so bright. Orange is for the edge of night. Black is for the sins we made. White is for the grace He gave. Purple is four His hour of sorrow. Pink is for our new tomorrow. A handful of jelly beans ... simple, colorful, and sweet, reminds us of the reasons He makes our life so complete!


Pro Tip:

If you plan to do this activity with a preschooler or younger child, I highly recommend cutting everything out in advance. That way, your lil' cutie will only have to glue everything together.

The project won't take too long, so you'll have time to talk about the project as you go, read through the poem once finished, and hopefully eat some jelly beans!

Don't have time to create this project from scratch? 

Get the free printable template!

All it takes is a name & email address.

We pinky promise not to share your info!

For those of you who celebrate, we wish you a happy Easter!

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