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Gabriela's Dance Recital

If you're looking for 

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  • a storybook featuring a biracial family
  • an award-winning book for kids

... This book is for you!

Gabriela Montoya is nervous about her upcoming dance recital. Fortunately, family members give Gabriela helpful advice to allay her fears. 

If you've ever had pre-recital jitters, you'll relate! (You might even borrow the advice to calm your nerves!)


Gabriela's Dance Recital

Snowflake Stories' first non-personalized

children's storybook!

Gabriela's Dance Recital was adapted from the award-winning, bilingual personalized children's book entitled Dance Recital, written in English and Spanish by Jill Barletti and illustrated by Jelena Brezovec.

The personalized storybook won two International Latino Book Awards, a National Indie Excellence Award, and a Moonbeam Children's Book Award.

And to coordinate with our ballet book, we created free, downloadable dance activity kits.

Available in English and Spanish.

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“It doesn't matter if a child speaks Spanish or English, has brown eyes or blue, or has a single mom or two ... every child should see themself in a book.” 

- Jill Barletti 

How it all began ...

"Don't talk to me. Don't play with me. You speak Spanish. You don't speak English," said another child (yes, a child) to my then three-year-old son on the playground of his new preschool.

Moments like these made my two half-Peruvian children embarrassed to speak their native language.

As my children grew, it became more and more difficult to keep them speaking Spanish. 

So when I decided to write a book, I knew it had to be bilingual!

My kids helped me develop the line of award-winning books, as well as the first of the non-personalized adaptations, in hopes of helping other bilingual families avoid the pain and frustration that many experience when children reject their native language.

We think that seeing families - that look and sound like theirs - on the pages of a real, hardcover storybook will help bilingual children develop pride in their linguistic heritage.

Who We Are

Jill Barletti with her children
My name is...
Jill Barletti

I founded Snowflake Stories because I struggled to find books written in Spanish for my two half-Latino children when they were young, 

My babies are grown now. But I remember the challenge of trying to raise them in a bilingual home. So my kids and I created this line of award-winning, bilingual personalized children's books — & we're adding non-personalized books, too! These custom storybooks are exactly what we wanted but couldn't find. We hope you enjoy them!

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