Dance Activity Kit for Little Ballerinas

Social distancing because of Coronavirus can be tough!

How are you supposed to get on that conference call if the kids are playing tag in the hallway? And finishing that report for your boss can be challenging if you're trying to enforce screen-free time for the kiddos, right?

Maybe we can help :) We've put together an activity kit -- and little ballerinas are sure to love it! 


What's included?

In this dance activity kit, you'll find crossword puzzles (2) and word searches (2) - there are two of each so that beginners and older kids both have something to do. There's also a spell-a-word game and a drawing exercise inspired by the uplifting Italian message "Andrà tutto bene." The solutions for each of the puzzles are included as well.

Our dance activity kit in English, And there's one in Spanish, too!

We plan to add more activities and new activity kits, too -- all free, so stay tuned!

The best part is that because this activity kit is totally free, you just need a printer.

Here's a sample of what you'll get:

The Dance Activity Kit is a great complement to our ballet books for girls.

We draw from the vocabulary and illustrations of the books in creating this free resource. 

The award-winning Dance Recital is great for for bilingual, multiracial, LGBT+, single-parent, blended, adoptive, and multigenerational families.

Create your book to look & sound like you:

► Choose your cast:
    1 special child and (up to) 5 loved ones

► Tailor the appearance of each character:
     Choose skin color, hairstyle, eye color & more

► Select any 1 - 2 of 5 languages: 
     English, Spanish, French, Portuguese & Italian

Gabriela's Dance Recital / El recital de danza de Gabriela was adapted from the award-winning Dance Recital book pictured above. For more information about this beautiful ballet book for girls, click here.

The book can be ordered through your local bookstore and purchased directly from

Download your free dance activity kit 

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