Affect vs. Effect

Affect vs. Effect Post on How to remember the difference between

Be honest … the last time you wrote affect, did you second guess yourself and turn to Merriam-Webster because you couldn’t remember the difference between affect and effect? Well, my pretties, if you want to sound smarter, you have to stop making common grammar mistakes, and that includes misusing affect and effect. Remember, grammar snobs … Read more

Is Funner a Word?

Fun Funner Funnest - Is funner a word

If you needed to do a Google search for “Is funner a word?” please keep reading! It turns out that funner is not a word. In fact, funner was included in a recent blog post entitled “Stop Making up Words!” Instead of funner, you should say more fun.Wrong:fun, funner, funnestToday was funner than Tuesday!  Right:fun, more fun, most … Read more