Cast of personalized book for kids by Snowflake Stories, LLC

Personalized Children’s Books Readdress ‘Normal’

“One of the earliest introductions a child has to ‘normalcy’ is the books they read, and the impact that those pictures and words have on them are often carried with them through their childhood” is a quote from the article “Readdressing ‘Normal’ – FDL Native Creates Custom Children’s Books.” We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves!

That’s exactly why we decided to make our line of bilingual personalized children’s books, which can be customized to feature virtually any child and their loved ones. When children see characters in books and movies that look like them and families that look like their own, they develop a sense of belonging and acceptance, which in turn helps children to build self-confidence. And it all starts when a child sees themself, on the pages of a real book, succeeding with the help of their loved ones.

This article, which covers a variety of topics ranging from awards that Snowflake Stories books have won, to how books are customized, was published by the Fond du Lac Reporter.