Dance Recital, a bilingual personalzed children's book from Snowflake Stories

Addicted to Saving Holiday Gift Guide: Dance Recital Personalized Book

Liza Ford, from Addicted to Saving, recommended in her “Holiday Gift Guide” that you “give your little one a gift they will cherish forever: a highly customizable book from Snowflake Stories.”

We knew that Snowflake Stories is the only personalized book company that could make a bilingual personalized children’s book in English and Italian AND feature a transracial adoptive family. So we introduced Liza to our first title: Dance Recital. Liza was so thrilled with our customizable storybook that she included it in her holiday gift guide. (Thanks, Liza!) 😉

Dance Recital, a bilingual personalzed children's book from Snowflake Stories

In her description of our personalized storybook, Liza went on to say, “This book is so customizable that I was able to create characters resembling my transracial family which consists of a bald, white daddy, a dark-haired Italian mommy, a Chinese daughter and an Ethiopian son. It is amazing.”

The full write-up can be found in the “Book Gift Ideas” section of Addicted to Saving’s “2016 Holiday Gift Guide.”


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