Big Win at International Latino Book Awards


Area resident, Jill Barletti, and Croatian illustrator, Jelena Brezovec, entered their second collaboration in the 18th annual International Latino Book Awards. The duo’s personalized children’s book, The Big Soccer Game, which is available for boys as well as girls, won five awards. In the article written by Sandra Diamond Fox, Barletti states that of all … Read more

Danbury author launches bilingual personalized children’s book

Snowflake Stories Character Builder

Danbury News-Times reporter, Chris Bosak, interviewed local author, Jill Barletti, to discuss several topics, including the release of her multi-award-winning, bilingual personalized children’s book The Big Soccer Game, which is available for boys and for girls. In the article, the area author explains how her bilingual personalized children’s book company, Snowflake Stories, came to be: … Read more

Personalized Children’s Books Readdress ‘Normal’

Cast of personalized book for kids by Snowflake Stories, LLC

“One of the earliest introductions a child has to ‘normalcy’ is the books they read, and the impact that those pictures and words have on them are often carried with them through their childhood” is a quote from the article “Readdressing ‘Normal’ – FDL Native Creates Custom Children’s Books.” We couldn’t have said it any better … Read more