Why I write

“How did you start writing?” is one question I am often asked when introduced as an award-winning author of two bilingual personalized children’s books. My answer to that question is that there was a perfect storm brewing which led me down that path.

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Why I Write Bilingual Personalized Children’s Books

The Big Soccer Game & Dance Recital - bilingual personalized children's books from Snowflake Stories

The Why People are curious why a native English-speaker who only began the journey of developing fluency in Spanish in junior high school would publish award-winning personalized children’s books in bilingual and single-language books in five different languages. The reason for this is that when my two children were young, I struggled to find books … Read more

How to Prevent Summer Slide

How to prevent summer slide

Hopefully, by now, the kids have had some time to relax and recover from the hectic school year schedule. (And I hope that you, the parent, have as well!) But it’s time to face reality, and the reality is that summer slide is real. According to the Johns Hopkins School of Education, if your children … Read more