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If you love ballet & dance, we have a treat for you ... We adapted some of the illustrations from our multi-award-winning, bilingual personalized children's book, Dance Recital, and made them into iMessage stickers for dance lovers everywhere :)

Finally! You can #SayItWithBallet!

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What comes in your sticker pack?

Stickers depicting 5 different ballet steps + a stage & pretty pointe shoes

134 stickers in all - available for just $0.99 on the App Store



16 different dancers



42 different dancers



16 different dancers


16 different dancers

Grand jetÉ

42 different dancers


1 sticker


1 sticker

Finally! Pretty ballerina stickers 

that look just like you! 

We tried to make a little something for everyone, regardless of whether you're a #BeautifulBlackBallerina, a #PrettyBrownDancer, a #LatinaBallerina, an #AsianBallerina, an #IrishDancer, a #TinyDancer, or even a proud #DanceMom!

With 134 stickers to choose from, you're sure to find a little ballerina that looks quite a bit like you ;)

Below, take a peek at what you'll get -- We think you're going to love these beautiful ballerinas!

The Ballet World Is Excited!

Check out what Pointe magazine had to say about our Beautiful Ballerinas:

And DanceSpirit magazine liked the Pointe article so much, they reposted it! (Read it here.)

Want Beautiful Ballerinas 

Ballet Dance Stickers for iMessage?

Yes! I want beautiful ballerinas dancing all over my iMessage texts!

Finally! #SayItWithBallet

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By the way, if you love these adorable ballerinas, you might want to check out our books, too. Illustrator Jelena Brezovec, who created these lil' cuties, also illustrated all of our multi-award-winning, bilingual personalized children's books.

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