Dontcha Wanna Sound Smarter?

Ever feel like someone looked at you a teensy bit longer than normal after you uttered the words, “… you and me”? Chances are, you began to feel a little uncomfortable and wondered if you should have said, “you and I.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that it probably was more than a feeling.

Take it from a grammar queen (clears throat, adjusts crown), there are grammar snobs among us—more than you know! And there’re everywhere! This revelation might be a little unsettling if you don’t have a crown or tiara of your own.


Holier-than-though language aficionados may not flinch if your shoulders bump while walking down a crowded sidewalk or if you get in the 10 items or less* checkout line at the grocery store with 11 or (gasp!) 12 items in your shopping cart.

*BONUS! Attention grocers of the world … your sign should read: 10 items or fewer.

You can bet I have a post for more on that!

But don’t be fooled. These haughty word nerds may keep quiet, but they have a mean streak … and they’re constantly judging. Grammar snobs dock you points and peg you lower on the intelligence totem pole for each typo and incorrect utterance you make.

​If you’re a startup founder preparing your pitch deck, you can’t afford to give VCs any reason to deny you funding. Recently changed jobs? Don’t let poor grammar lead your new boss to doubt her hiring decision. Maybe you’re a parent and you just want to help you child earn better grades in English class. Guess what … good grammar makes you sound smarter!

​So how are you going to get there? How are you going to sound smarter? Like the Land of Oz’s Good Witch of the South, I’m the Glinda of the grammar world, and I’ve got your back!

Once every week for the next year, I will post a common grammar error with a brief explanation of the point in question. All you have to do is read your fairy godmother’s language lessons, and in no time at all, those unsavory grammar geeks won’t deem you unworthy because of a lack of command of the English language.

So what are you waiting for? Dontcha wanna sound smarter???

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